Friday, June 20, 2008

All Russert, All The Time

A blogger for the Orlando Sentinel takes the networks to task for excessive coverage of Tim Russert's death and memorial service. An excerpt: "Did you notice how MSNBC and CNN called attention to double rainbows over Washington after the Russert service? Yes, it was a sign, all right, to show you've gone soft, real soft."
Hal Boedeker, the blogger, was particularly incensed that on Friday, the NBC Nightly News "devoted its entire half-hour to Russert. The network ignored all the other news in the world. ... flooding in the Midwest, a deadly bombing in Baghdad, fighting in Afghanistan, the possibility of peace talks in the Mideast, talk of oil drilling off the U.S. coast. That last story could become the biggest this year in Florida."
Some who commented on the blog post said they liked the coverage because it helped them process their own feelings and gave them a respite from bad and/or stupid news (think flag pins).
What is the role of network news organizations, anyway?

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Al said...

I always liked Tim Russert and was sorry when he passed, but I did feel that the news coverage was excessive given everything else going on in the world (and too self-referential to the trade).